The history of cross-media brand identity design, by Brent Kreischer
Brent Kreischer's 1st freelance graphic design project
Brent Kreischer's first cross-media brand identity design project
fredrick keifer, architect, artist, my inspiration
Brent Kreischer with his University of Pennsylvan class
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Cross-media brand identity design and development is K&A Creative Media’s name for a combination of creative services. Most firms require multiple resources to create a brand identity and then develop the media, which displays that branding. When K&A creates an identity for a business, every aspect is internally completed. K&A has the ability to offer an extensive list of services through a history of diverse client needs.

I accepted my first graphic designer opportunity in 1994 at Signs by Tomorrow in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. My first independent graphic design project was a logo design for a local stove manufacture's sub-brand "Flowering Arches"(pictured to the right).

Brent Kreischer with his University of Pennsylvan class

From 1997 through 1999, I was at the University of Pennsylvania ("Penn") as a desktop publishing instructor and Graphic Production Director for the Daily Pennsylvanian and 34th Street Magazine (me with my students in 1998 pictured to the left). While at Penn, I furthered my education from Graphic Design to Media Design at the University of the Arts ("UArts") in Philadelphia.

In 1999, I left Penn to pursue an opportunity as an Art Direct for an international event management firm called Signature Marketing Group (“SMG”).While with SMG I design media for Fortune 1000 clients such as, Cisco Systems, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, Experian and Philips to name a few. Working with these clients provided me direct access to the most well developed branding guidelines available and I adapted my style to accommodate their strict corporate limitations. When I started at SMG my position did not entail website and User Interface Design tasks, but my newly acquired UArts education prompted me to request the additional responsibilities. SMG entrusted my abilities allowing me to explore my ambitions. The digital media design tasks combined with the freedom SMG gave me on the marketing concepts and branding development defines the core services of our cross-media brand identity design.

Brent Kreische, with the other founders of Earthboud Media Group
Brent Kreischer win's Bloomsburg University "stop smoking" art contest

I left SMG in 2001 to start my own business, BTK Grafx, offering an early form of cross-media brand identity design that I call "creative marketing campaigns." In the beginning of my entrepreneurial career, I offered my services primarily to SMG’s high-level clientele, which allowed me to refine my skill as a pioneering User Interface Designer.

In late 2002, I met an equally inspired group of individuals (pictured to the left); together we establish a successful company called Earthbound Media Group (“EMG”). During my four years as a partner with EMG, my responsibilities improved my abilities, in addition to giving me the opportunity to design media for affluent universities such as, NYU, UCLA, USC, Miami and Columbia to name few. EMG offered me creative freedom, but with better feedback on my work. Along with EMG's exceptional constructive criticism, the universities' branding guidelines are more restrictive than even the corporate clients I have work with in the past. This step is most significant to my understanding of designing a successful brand.

In April 2006, I left EMG to focus on remodeling real-estate investments and as I was enjoying construction, I thought about growing up; as a little kid I built furniture, forts, and ramps, I entered my artwork in local competitions (pictured to the left). My late grandfather, Fredrick Keifer, was an artist and architect (pictured to the right), and he taught me everything about the profession. He designed War tanks, he developed fire truck concepts, and he was a national duck stamp design winner. He passed down his artistic talent and drafting board; I use them every day and carry on his love for creating something beautiful. Through his multi-talented creative direction, I have always understood art is everywhere and you do not need a canvas to create.

My grandfather, Charles Kreischer, was equally influential throughout my childhood. He is an extremely adaptive person who taught me I could do anything. Charles built his home brick-by-brick, he was a welder by profession, a farmer on evenings and weekends, and today he is eager to learn new things about technology (pictured to the left, in his Navy uniform and in a screenshot I took while communicating with him on Skype, as he holds his cell phone). Through his direction, I learned how to build, weld and adapt. Through my grandfather’s direction, and my stepfather's, Steve Sorce, real-estate knowledge, I have been overhauling investment reale-state since 23.

My mother, Delores Sorce was supportive of my creativity. She encouraged me to express myself through my style, from bleached hair to leather pants; she has always been my first line of support. She was a leading sales manager for several Northeastern Pennsylvania media outlets, she was the town manager, and has independently owned DKS Marketing for nearly fifteen years. Through her care and guidance, I have always pursued the things I am passionate about and with the courage she instilled in me, I have gone after the things that I desire.

Both grandmothers were tailors by profession, and became my clothing manufactures to fulfill my fashion designing desires. Throughout my childhood I had two “gramufacturers” to develop my ideas, as any good loving grandmother would (Gram Kreischer, pictured to the right).

My father Gary Kreischer was a teacher in Baltimore Maryland by day, while attending Johns Hopkins graduate program in the evening, and for over 30 years, he has managed computer systems for Berwick Offray, a Northeastern Pennsylvania Ribbon Manufacture. Through my father’s profession, I have been around computers since I was old enough to understand, and influenced to teach as it has always been the first memory I have of, “what dad does.”

Everything I have done and everything I have been taught throughout my life has lead me to cross-media brand identity design.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with organizations like the University of Pennsylvania, Signature Marketing Group and Earthbound Media Group, but I have never felt satisfied with these opportunities. A friend told me something Tony Robbins uses in his methods, "If you had a magic wand and could wave it, how would your life be? Then change your approach and go after it." If I had a magic wand, I would not change a thing about K&A.

To use an analogy my grandmother always told me, "the proof is in the pudding, but don't forget to keep an eye on the pudding maker." Our media is the proof of our pudding and I am personally involved with every aspect, as I am the pudding maker. Give me a call; I would love to work with you.


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