Go Green, by KA Creative Media
Go green, use less gas and more efficient vehicles
Go green, use online services, instead of internal energy hogs

What K&A Creative Media means when we say "Go creatively Green" is with the worlds technology at our fingertips we have the opportunity to conserve our resources in many different ways. Below, I've listed some of the ways K&A Creative Media is making efforts to "creatively" reduce our costs ...

  1. We have switched our corporate auto leasing program to more economical and environmentally friendly vehicle (pictures of the actual vehicles exchanged are displayed to the right)

  2. We use partnering organizations such as, Virtual Meeting Software (pictured in the center on the right), for client presentations, consultations and sales, which improves both parties expenses and schedules

  3. We service the majority of our technology needs online (pictured to the bottom right) which requires significantly less equipment, which requires less energy, square footage, etc.

  4. Printing and promoting recycled papers for any collateral need, i.e., business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelops, direct mailers.

  5. Employing the best talent from all over the country and allowing them to telecommute, which provides our clients a better product at a lower cost

  6. Outsourcing all general tasks to eliminates our employee overhead and we promote an exchange of services, which stimulates the economy.
Go (creatively) Green, use a virtual office

If you are interested in our green creative services please Contact Us Today! I would appreciate the opportunity to provide these and our other green opportunities.


brent kreischer is for green technology

Brent T. Kreischer | Architect, Designer, Developer of Media
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