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Fashion photography done by Brent Kreischer

Fashion is equally important to any company's identity, uniforms and corporate merchandise are two basic examples. However, fashion design as it relates to a clients brand usually is not basic but subtle.

Most organization do not want to require their employees to wear a uniform or mandate any type of dress code; therefore, coordinating fashion in an office is seemingly impossible. However, much like everything else in an office, through leadership and inspiration a business can coordinate fashion.

Fortunately, it business-casual is acceptable, again. No matter what type of company you have you can work with business-casual to standardize that business's owner(s) style(s). What starts at the top of the company will influence employees, whether through inspiration or over time during the hiring process.

I have been working with the fashion industry throughout career and I have gained a great appreciation for fashion. Using this appreciation and remembering what my mother always told me, "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression,” I exercise these principals with K&A and for clients.


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