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The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

We "Create Opportunity™" for:

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The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Employees, friends and family:
Anyone who refers business retains ownership of the client they refer, which can provide residual income from future projects. Much like an actor or model receives residual income for their work; K&A referrals receive a commission and residual income for their word-of-mouth.

On the one-year anniversary date, K&A offers our Online Marketing Campaign ("OMC") services for no up-front cost. Included with the second year's contract, are OMC options to forgo the down payment for a percentage of, only, the online sales K&A acquires. This provides ownership pride with the K&A effort and the payment is only required if results are archived.

Users and Viewers:
We post content from a perspective that warrants "creative freedom."

Therefore, we post and then proof until it is perfect or pay the price!

Often we overlook items in our verbiage because there are words like "gramanufactures" in our stories; or, Brent Kreischer, K&A's worst speller, posts copy without it being properly reviewed. Therefore, we create opportunities with a $1 payment for copy correction on our hosted media.

If you find an error, spelling or grammatical, click the "Send Money" link (shown to the left and included at the bottom of every page), submit the details of your suggested edit in the notes of your PayPal Money Request. If we change the content according to your suggestions, you will immediately receive a $1 payment. Our guarantee for this opportunity is new Internet Standards, e.g., W3C. The web cannot tell a lie and WC3 logs every detail, which are legally privileged for our protection and patters for improvements. Therefore, a screenshot of the error you located on our site, along with a screenshot of this guarantee, is a binding agreement and the WC3 logs will corroborate the facts of your case.

what is "Send Money?"
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